Artistic Journey


« ………and I’ m convinced that “pleinairisme” is not dead….

In Art painting, as other things, the way is changing, landscape painting has its own followers and it goes well.

Also, for you, emulates and disciples who enter in the wake of painting of the Creuse Valley,  Jean Claude Resche,  Pierre Noailhac,  René Esposito,  Ivan Commaincas, I would say , you are right to adopt it and in the spirit continuity of ”School of Crozant” , I am always there to support you…
Gaston Thièry – 24th December 1992


                               Ivan COMMAINCAS
Painter from the Creuse Valley

A painter for fifteen years , when in 1992 he met Gaston Thièry who  strongly  encouraged him to organise his first exhibition in Fresselines.
Due to his persistance, but also the precious advice of the old master , he thus progressed in the difficult  field of landscape painting.
Based on the pictorial rather then the picturesque , his subjects are often simple and serve only to translate the capricious and changing atmosphere of the Creuse Valley.
His direct method « alla prima » using a painting knife (the painting is always finished in a single sitting with little preparation, no retouching or overpainting) necessitates the use of small or medium sized formats.
Following in the spirit of the « Ecole de Crozant » he continues the tradition of the Creuse Landscape painting.





·Arts Sciences et lettres du Limousin  1980 à 1992
·Art et vie , la Courtine  1982 – 1983
·Groupement artistique Limousin  1981 à 2005
·Art et culture , exposition internationale de Désertine  1988
·Menton : 1982
·Arcachon Galerie Municipale  :  1985
·Bordeaux  :  1987
·Renens (Suisse)  : 1988-1989
·Limoges Galerie Municipale  : 1990-1993-1995
·Pologne  , Varsovie  : 1991
·Cognac  :  1991
·Fresselines  :  biennal exhibition since 1992
·Fresselines Salon d’automne du paysage  :  1992 à 1995
·Paris Salon des peintres Creusois : 1993-1996-2001
·Nantes Galeries du Martray  :  1995
·Château de St Auvent : 1997
·Centre Artistique de la Vallée de la Creuse , depuis 1998
·Brive  :  1999
·Panazol , invité d’honneur du 49ème Congrès Philatélique du Massif Central : 1999
·Valançay , exposition du Lions Club : 2000
·Le Palais sur Vienne ,  invité d’honneur du Salon annuel : 2001
·Pologne, ( GDANSK , STAROGARD , GNIEW , GDYNIA , SOPOT ) : 2002
·Feytiat , invité d’honneur du 14ème Salon « L’Ecole de Crozant, les continuateurs » : 2003
·Limoges, Galerie Art-Passion  ‘’salon du petit format’’  : 2004
·Illustration du livre de Christine Guillebaud  ‘’De paysages en poésies ‘’ :2007

-Gargilesse, exposition « la Vallée de la Creuse vue par des peintres contemporains » : 2016

-Fresselines, EMR – Centre d’Art Monet-Rollinat « A tribute to Monet »: 2019